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1. In September 1919, he came to Des Moines in his losing crusade for U.S. membership in the League of Nations (the Predecessor to the United Nations). Who was the first of twelve presdients to visit the Hotel Fort Des Moines?

2. Name three of the original promoters of the Hotel who were principals in notable companies that are also promoters of the downtown Des Moines to this day.

3. Four months after he astounded the world by landing in Paris after a solo, non-stop transatlantic flight, what famous aviator was mobbed by fans in the Hotel lobby during a 1927 stopover in his nationwide tour to foster popular interest in aviation?

4. How many pieces of luggage accompanied the Crown Prince and the Princess of Denmark upon the Danish royal couple's arrival at the Hotel Fort Des Moines during their visit to Iowa in the 1940's?

5. The Hotel Fort Des Moines was home to the State Democratic Party Headquarters from the mid-thirties to the late fifties. Who was the long serving State Party Chairman (whom Margaret Truman credited with putting Iowa in her father's column in Harry Truman's surprise 1948 presidential victory) that also kept a suite at the Hotel at the time and until his death in 1985?

6. Rifle-toting officers stood on rooftops. Authorities peeked under manhole covers. Thousands thronged along the center of Tenth and Walnut and crowded the parking decks of the Tenth Street Parkade to watch the Hotel arrival of this Soviet Union premier. Name the Russian leader who came to inspect the state of Iowa agriculture in 1959.

7. What Vice President, who attacked opponents of the Vietnam War as disloyal and sharply criticized intellectuals and college students, gave his famous "Des Moines speech" at the Hotel in November 1969, which accused the media of biased news coverage?

8. Richard M. Nixon and five cabinet members, in a historic first, met at the Hotel Fort Des Moines in March 1971 for a rural development conference. According to newspaper accounts, "Perhaps two dozen eggs (fresh) were thrown into the intersection of Tenth and Walnut." What unusual combination of demonstrators gathered outside the Hotel?

9. George Bush frequently used the Hotel Fort Des Moines as his overnight headquarters leading up to the 1980 Iowa presidential caucus vote. Bush gave his celebrated "Big 'Mo" speech in the hotel's second floor Governor Room the day following his upset caucus win over favorite Ronald Reagan (an event some analysts suggest provided the momentum for his nominaiton to the vice presidency-and election to the presidency in 1988). What two other presidential candidates have celebrated their Iowa caucus wins at the Hotel Fort Des Moines?

1. Woodrow Wilson
2. E.T. Meredith, soon to be U.S. Secretary of Agriculture (Meredith Corporation); Frederick C. Hubbell (Equitable of Iowa Companies); and Norman M. Wilchinski, President of Younker Brothers Department Store and an active figure in many Jewish charitable causes.
3. Charles A. Lindbergh
4. 70 pieces
5. Jake More
6. Nikita Kruschev
7. Spiro Agnew
8. "Peace Freaks" protesting the Indo-China war, and "hard hats" protesting President Nixon's suspension of the Davis-Bacon Act, a labor-friendly policy requiring union prevailing wages in federal building projects.
9. Walter Mondale (1984) and Bob Dole (1988, 1996)

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